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I will order more!

Great price works better than the old $2000.00 one. I will order more!--James Duncan

Great buy!

I bought one of your hearing aids about 6 months ago for my left ear.I am sooo happy with it,

I feel like I should get one for my right ear.I looked into buying a $3000.00 hearing aid.

I used it for a short time then sent it BACK. --David Chang

You’ll like it!

Have had hearing aids from $30 to $3000; the Ziv is the best! Just ordered another. 

Try it, you’ll like it!--George Olsen

Great Products!


I bought your Ziv for my husband. He absolutely loves it. He used to complain about his expensive hearing aids. 

Now he says he can hear better with your products. --Daisy Miles

God bless you


Well we are so thankful to have received the hearing aids! Jori fitted 31 people today. She fitted 3 yesterday for a total of 34. One of the hearing aids was broken or we would have fitted all 35 of them.

She was in a different building that we were because she needed a quiet room and we were in the hospital doing surgery. We did not get to see the patients that she fitted but she said it was so rewarding!

Thank you for all that you did to get the aids here. Thirty-four people's lives have been changed because of your efforts.

God bless you, Susie Willis


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