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Tactear 20


Tactear 20: $299.00


1.Small mini-canal design and invisible appearance

2.Adaptable Feedback Cancellation

3.It is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss

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Small mini-canal design for the ultimate in cosmetic appeal.

Bionic body shape is comfortable to wear with even the most sensitive ears.

Extraction cord insures simple insertion and removal.

Designed and approved by leading audiologists and sound engineers.

The Tactear is laboratory designed by professional audiological team as a solution for the challenges faced by those wiith a mild to moderate hearing loss.

The TACTear 20 is tested in accordance with International Standard IEC118-7.

Fully Dsp-based Multi-Memory Amplifier

2 Channels And Multi-bands Excellent Sound Signal Digital Processing

Hidden Volume Trimmer

Three Different Size Tips for Comfortable And Safe Wearing

Adaptable Feedback Cancellation


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